Casino Gaming Executive Satisfaction Survey

The annual Casino Gaming Executive Satisfaction Survey is conducted by Bristol Associates, Inc. in conjunction with Spectrum Gaming Group.

The goal of our survey is to help the gaming industry attract, retain, and motivate its executive talent. We aim to provide insight on executives’ attitudes and preferences towards their workplace and the industry at large. All individual responses will be kept confidential.


The 20th Annual Survey is currently open! You may take the survey here: 

Feature your photos in the 2020 Casino Survey Digital Results Book!

We are currently accepting photos to be featured in our 2020 digital survey results book. Photo submissions are due by Tuesday, October 6, 2020. If you would like the opportunity to be included in our digital survey book, please submit your photos to Jessa at for review.

Photo Submission Guidelines:

  • You must own or have explicit permissions to all photos submitted. Please do not submit any images that belong to external sites or third-party sources unless explicitly permitted. By submitting your photos, you are consenting the rights for their use.

  • Photos must be relevant to the casino industry, including but not limited to photos of properties, working with your colleagues, etc.

  • We are unable to accept headshots.
  • Older photos are preferred to showcase the history of the industry, but you are welcome to submit recent photos.

  • Please attach photos to your email as high-resolution files in .jpg format.

You will retain all rights to your submitted photo, and your image will only be used for placement in our casino survey results book. If selected, we will provide a caption to credit you. We will have the right to minimally change the image if necessary, i.e. coloring or cropping, to fit into the results book.


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